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1. shake/nose – now all she does is shake. there is hardly any nose touch. not sure how to get the nose touch back and get her to differentiate.

2. leave it – i think distance is the issue, not duration. can you please explain how to teach leave it, as i do not know where to go from here. do i still use a slim jim? also, i feel like how to say “no” is pretty important at this point. do you care to elaborate on this?

3. what would greatly help me is a sample schedule so i know how often to work her and when and which exercises are most important for truffling. is it o.k. to mix commands in a session or should it be one command for each session? traci said never say a command more than once. what do you do when she does not do a command?

if some of these things are beyond the scope of your instruction, please indicate that i am on my own on those topics.

thank you,