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Alana McGee

Hi Chris.

The basic obedience/ focus, shake, look really good! Keep up the good work. The targeting and touch/shake will be very useful later when we are working on alerts, and it will act as foundation work! Especially the nose targeting, but good work on recognizing and adding a label for the shake.

As for the Bark/ quiet. Yes, this indeed can be applied and work quite well.

You are also spot on with your idea of an “all done” cue. We call that an ‘off button’. It is good to try to start working on a ok done working, now play time, or go to your mat/space cue and then reward for it. As always start small and you can eventually build duration. This comes a bit more in basic obedience when you are possibly working on sit & stay.

As for the leave it: Keep at it. You are correct in your area that there will be things you want Daisy to stay away from. Impulse control can be tough for puppies! But keep at it, the threshold grows over time and if you keep practicing these behaviors you will eventually be able to build duration as well.