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Alana McGee

First off I want to say sorry if we had a miscommunication. The red flag I was referring to was in fact Cesar Milan. As a CPDT-KA and being in the dog training industry for many years I am familiar with and aware of his techniques and practices. Because of my background I, and we at TDC, do not subscribe to his training practices. Some people do use his techniques, while many do not. As you said all trainers do ?their thing a little differently?, which is a true statement and we chose not to employ Cesar?s techniques. I will not go on regarding Cesar as the purpose of this class and forum is to train and discuss truffle training and so I would like to have the videos and forum topics stay on that topic. We use operant and classical conditioning techniques in this class and our teaching and so our feedback will be centered around those techniques.

I am going to remove my 1:35 p.m. post and your 4:09 p.m. response as I said earlier I believe we had a miscommunication and would like to bring the forum topic back to truffles.