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you did not identify what i said that was a red flag to you. we do not use punishments. i did mention that my kids don’t correct her which would mean to properly distract or ignore or show disapproval with body language.

your rants about ceasar milan are unfounded and misplaced, especially after admitting that you have not read his puppy book. to imply that ceasar milan “creates aggressive tendencies,” or that his puppies require “behavior modification later” is crazy. everyone does their thing a little differently. i’m sure there are a couple of great techniques in his puppy book that you yourself could use.

traci has never corrected a dog at all in puppy class. i have no idea what “positive punishment (adding of stimuli)” means. click and treat is all we do.

daisy gets in her crate to sleep and sometimes eat, but i wouldn’t call it a happy place.

we figured she is unable to live outdoors because she is cold. we wish she was an outdoor dog, but i don’t think we know how to make one of those.

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