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more video coming below of some of our sessions. i am still trying to figure out holding the camera and clicker and treating. if i mention traci or “how traci does it,” she is our local trainer. we have had two of four weekly puppy manners classes. if i mention ceasar, you know who i am talking about.

what we have been working on for the last two weeks:
she is good with

down/lay down – she occasionally refuses down or gets up immediately after the click. she was one of the more dominant puppies in her litter.

leave it – she knows what we mean when she is chewing on the wrong thing, but i worry about porcupine/snake encounters. traci started us with a slim jim in a closed hand and clicking and treating when she leaves that, but that game is old to her. she knows whats up and ignores the slim jim. we need a new, more advanced variation for this.

stay close – we have been doing this on and off leash and it is going good, but i feel like she stays close only because she is young and wants the treats. she dislikes the leash and i am unsure how much to use it. traci made us get a harness for the “come” exercise.

touch/shake – we just started this yesterday and she is great at it. after a few, she started using her paw rather than her nose, so i added the “shake” verbal command. so far i have been clicking and treating nose or paw. i am wondering if i need to be more precise about which of those i want.

i am interested in good “we are done with training” signal/command and a good “lay in your bed/crate” exercise to get her to go in there on her own.