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i’m chris. i hunt mushrooms professionally and would like to add truffles to the repertoire. my puppy, daisy, and i live with my wife, annie, and two sons, samson (5) and franklin (2), near durango, colorado.

daisy’s mom is healer/lab mix. her dad is unknown. her estimated birthday was june 1, 2014. daisy likes to play, mouth everything and sniff around. she had early crate training with her young siblings and sleeps in her crate. ceasar milan and i think she should be crated more because she is not quite 100% house trained and hard to keep tabs on. annie thinks otherwise. daisy gets cold easily and does not like to be outside in the night or morning. maybe a sweater? she has been swimming a little bit in lake and river.

she is great with the boys, but the boys don’t listen to us and so they don’t correct (or properly ignore) her nipping and rough play. i don’t suppose you train kids too?