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Alana McGee

Hi Denise!

Yes squirrel watching is always a good time. You may find once you are out in the field that Elle will need a few minutes exploring and being comfortable with her environment before she will “go to work”. That is perfectly ok! Just remember to keep that in mind.

It was great to see her on odor, and even though it wasn’t the more aggressive alert you are building to , when she left and then she came back! Its the coming back to source that was so nice to see! Nice vocal praise, and at the 1:00 minute mark when you get down and start engaging at the ground level she seems to have nose targeted it! Great! nice use of praise and staying engaged with her during this process.

In the second portion, she (and you) do a fantastic job of staying at odor and rewarding. We like persistence.

In the third hide she does something very nice. Which is she did an alert (a nose bump on target but because a reward didn’t appear readily, she looked at you and did it again. Fabulous.

Keep up the heavy rewards for the more aggressive nose targets. It will be interested to see how she interacts with odor when you make it a little harder and less accessible, if she will push things like pillows out of the way.

Good job!