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Here is my post that didn’t go thru,
Hi Kristin,

I watched the video analysis and here are my answers to your observations!

Elle will stay on scent with her nose and has started to look up at me with the “hey here it is and where is my chicken?!”

We have cleaned up the house and put the boxes away – I have worked with the clicker without her around so hopefully my timing is better now.

I do use the same verbal cue, “let’s go to work”. We are not doing nose work anymore and just focusing on truffles, so I hope we can use this command as she is very familiar with it.

I am now “having a party” when she hits the scent. Thanks for the tip for luring her away as most of the time I am doing the training by myself.

I filmed the white container video first then hid the container in the box. She is used to car searches, house searches and outside searches all without boxes, just hidden q-tips. The boxes are what she started with as a pup and is comfortable with and I thought it would be good to start with pairing the new truffle scent with her boxes and her normal scent anise. I then removed the anise and she now just on the truffle scent. So I will remove the boxes now.

During the 2nd video, she did not hit the container in the box correctly so I waited until she gave me a better alert.

Yes, the 3rd video is the last in the order.

I will make sure I work on getting down with her during the reward, as this is different behavior from scent work training, and will stop using the boxes and switch up the containers.

And thanks for the tips about how to stop, and will pick up the scent, as she will stay until I run out of chicken!!
Elle is really loving this!!