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Hi Kristin!
Thanks for understanding regarding our move. The good news is Elle (standard poodle) has lots of boxes to practice on, and the bad news is we have lots of boxes to unpack!! I am hoping to have a short video posted by this weekend as we are taking a break up at our cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains. I have bought a clicker and the Oregon truffle oil just arrived in the mail. I will give the clicker a try!!
We started Elle with odor training at 5 months old (she is just over 2 now). She has passed birch and started on anise and we did a few competitions (3rd in car search!) but I found it stressful. We then attended the Oregon Truffle festival dog training a year ago and fell in love with the whole experience. Being outside, no stress with a time limit or accidentally dropping a reward (very bad form in competition) and the people are so much nicer. More my speed. Elle just loves looking for things, anything, deer, rats, mice, squirrels, raccoon, anise, birch, our kids, my mom…..I have to keep her busy or she gets into all sorts of trouble. She is a bit of an imp.