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Here’s the latest video of Jazz. Before doing this, she seemed to have no problem with an increase in the number of pots or a change in the configuration from a straight line or in spreading them out over a larger space. She always alerted to the correct one. In this video, I added the complexity of putting the scent button in a different container, a small cardboard box. She passes over it at first, then comes back to it later. We’ve done this a few times with different containers, and it’s indicative of how it usually goes.

You’ll notice that I used the verbal cue “truffles” in the beginning but forgot to use it once she found the correct container. I am trying to get better at this.

You reference in one of the videos the importance of her developing her own search technique, what you called cast and quarter. I live a block from Buena Vista Park, which is very hilly and woodsy. We go for morning walks there every day and I was wondering if there was a way to encourage development of these search techniques on these walks. Or should I just leave her alone and it will come naturally?

Finally, do you think she is ready for section 4?