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Now that Jazz and I are about mid-way through the second lesson, I wanted to check in. The first lesson went pretty well, and I think the clicker training actually helped improve the quality of some of the other commands we were working on, especially ‘down.’

As part of the clicker training, we practiced the exercise in the video where she touches my hand with her nose. It was an easy transition from that to the first step in the second lesson, ie with me holding the scent button. We practice it a few times each day, and she immediately knows what to do. She did so well with it from the start of the lesson that I thought it would be an easy transition to the indoor box hides, but she has not really taken to it. I am using small clay pots, and sometimes she will walk past all three of them. Sometimes she will smell each one. Sometimes she will smell the first one, even if it’s not the one with the scent button inside, then get bored and ignore the other two.

So I was wondering if you had any thoughts on whether this is normal progress, and I should keep at it or if I need a course correction. Sometimes I wonder if in the exercise with the scent button, she is more focused on the object than the scent.

A few other questions include:

– I am using the solution in the starter kit, about 3 drops on a cotton ball. Is this too much? too little?
– how long does the scent last? Do I need to reapply a drop or two every day?
– Jazz is not quite 5 months. What pace of progress should I expect for a puppy her age relative to older dogs. Is two weeks per lesson enough or should I adjust?


Michael and Jazz