Erica Wells

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Erica Wells

CNWI Truffle Dog Company Team Member: Instructor


Erica Wells is a Certified Nosework Instructor with the National Association of Canine Scent Work. She was one of the first instructors to be certified in the Pacific Northwest in 2011. Erica teaches K9 Nose Work in Seattle through Dogs Day Out where she is also the daycare manager and teaches Puppy Play & Train and Backyard Agility. She also teaches K9 Nose Work, Recallers, Crate Games and Tricks classes at Four Paw Sports Center. Erica is extremely excited to be bringing Recreational Truffle Dog Training classes to Four Paw Sport Center through the Truffle Dog Company.

After many years in the real estate and retail world Erica moved to Seattle in 2005 with her Rottie/Lab mix Jaxx and literally her life went to the dogs. She now shares her life with Jaxx, now 14, and a recreational food finder as well as Mimi, a 6 year old Brittany who brought her to the world of nosework out of necessity. A bored Brittany is a naughty Brittany! Erica attended her first nosework seminar in Seattle when Mimi was less than 6 months old and fell in love with the game. Mimi and Erica compete in K9 Nose Work, UKC Nosework, Agility and are working on becoming an awesome Truffle Dog Team as well. Erica is thrilled to have discovered truffle hunting as it combines her love for the woods, love of all things truffle and the joy that seeing Mimi using her hunting skills brings.

  “The bond I have with Mimi is directly related to the team work that is needed to succeed in nosework and agility. I wouldn?t trade that bond for anything in the world and it is truly magical to see others get to that place with their own dogs through the things they learn in my classes.”

Erica is currently available for bookings while we set up her online booking page. To schedule a Private Lesson or with Erica, please complete the contact form below. We will contact you within 2 business days to assist you in scheduling.

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