Developing a Reliable Truffle Dog Syllabus

The program continues where Introduction to Truffle Hunting left off. It begins with an introduction to training in the outdoors while working with your environment and continues with buried hides, proofing for distraction, refining alerts and transferring behaviors to wild environments.

Objective:¬†By the end of this course most student’s dogs will be able to:

  • Locate truffles in a scent container in the field with limited distractions.
  • Locate the scent scource of a truffle burried in a large open area.

Lesson Plan:

Week 1:


Basic Outdoor Box

Week 2:

Advanced Outdoor Hides

Multiple Targets/ Unknown Hides

Week 3:

Buried Hides

Week 4:

Basic box/ target in new locations

Week 5:

Buried hides in new locations

Buried hides at forest edge


Week 6:

Refined Alerts

Precise Alerts

Large area hides adverse conditions terrain

Exercises and Assignments:

Each lesson will include written instructions and video demonstrations for exercises.

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