Beginning Truffle Hunting (self directed)

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Welcome to the fun and exciting sport of Recreational Truffle Hunting!

Culinary varieties of truffles can be found all over the world, and it is possible they exist near you. Apart from teaching you and your canine to locate edible fungi, you and your dog will gain confidence in one another and your dog will enjoy using their natural scenting abilities in the great outdoors.

Listed below are the tools and suggested equipment you will need to acquire to be able to take full advantage of the lessons taught during this course. Some of these materials may be purchased directly from us.

  • Clicker
  • Truffle scent solution
  • Real truffles (frozen or fresh)
  • Scent containers (scent buttons or scent tubes)
  • Scent boxes or hides
  • Cotton q-tips or cotton balls
  • High value treats
  • Your dogs favorite toy
  • Non retractable leash
  • Small digging implement such as a garden rake, trowel, or vanghetto

Truffle Hunting Aids

The scent starter kit can be purchased from Toil & Truffle for $20 plus shipping. Please email Alana McGee at

One kit consists of

  • one scent button to use during training
  • one container for storing scent button
  • one pump spray bottle filled with truffle scent solution
  • one clicker

Intro to Clicker Training

For those of you who have never heard of Clicker Training we recommend several resources. These resources will give you a basic understanding of positive reinforcement training and how to use and manipulate a clicker for training purposes:

Suggested reading materials:

Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen Pryor

Online Videos:

Clicker Training Basics with Victoria Stilwell:

More Clicker Training Basics:

This course lasts 12 weeks with a lesson every week. Your first lesson will be available 2 weeks from your date of purchase. Forums will be open for two weeks after the closing of the last lesson.

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